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Adventures with Durango Pete

Life and Poetry With a Cow Dog Philosofur


Stephen and his wife, Cynthia, went to a puppy adoption event near their Colorado home to look at a terrier. Instead, the tiny squeaks begging for attention came from an 8-week-old cattle dog crying, “Pick me up!”  Stephen did.  The puppy licked him up the nose, across his cheeks, and in his ears. The deal was sealed.  Durango Pete had a new dad and Stephen was in for a wild ride.


Durango Pete and Stephen were soon locked into a battle of wills. The struggle for power and control is a quintessential human fight. It turned out to be the same for a man and his new dog.  After months of frustration - desperation even - a simple game of tug-of-war was the turning point. 


Adventures with Durango Pete is the story of how two stubborn souls found each other and discovered what a dog can teach an old man, and he a dog. Join them on the dusty trails and mountain peaks, and find the joy that blossoms from a true partnership of souls.

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Book Review:

"I absolutely loved this book! 

In Adventures with Durango Pete, Stephen Hinman and his complex dog, Durango Pete, undertake a profound journey - outside in nature, and inward where they learn that some things are gained only when we let go of our desire for control.

Devotion to another, willingness to listen, a promise to keep, and determination to follow through are beautifully illustrated because a dog - Durango Pete and his wild DNA - demand no less. Stephen, who has much to learn about such a dog, eventually discovers the right path. The depth of connection that blossoms between Stephen and Durango Pete is striking.


Read this book! Learn from your own dog. Learn about yourself. Learn about a partnership of souls. It's the right thing to do, and a fun trip."

--Joyce Leake, Internationally known animal communicator and author 

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